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Newsletter: Winter Issue 2005

From the President's Desk . . .

Dear friends and supporters of the Path to Peace,

Merry Christmas!

The very first Christmas I spent in the USA, a good friend of mine tried to pre-empt my nostalgia for Buon Natale! by sharing with me a meaningful etymology of Merry Christmas. He told me that "merry" stands for Mary the mother of Jesus. To wish someone a Merry Christmas is to wish them to experience Christmas just as Mary did.

This is my wish for you this year.

He whom Mary was expecting, developed within her, was nestled within her. Mary was carrying Christ not for herself but for a world in need. For Mary, Christmas is not only about bearing God’s Son, but about being an example of "those who listen to the word of God and keep it". She who hears God’s word and keeps it.

So, let’s treasure the wish Merry Christmas!


+ Celestino Migliore

Path to Peace Events


The 2005 Path to Peace Award Gala Dinner (November 9) honoring the Prince and Grand Master of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta, His Most Eminent Highness Fra’ Andrew Bertie was a success for the remarkable turnout, the warm and generous support for its cause, and the friendly atmosphere. Unfortunately, the Grand Master was unable to come and accept the Award in person, however, he was gracious enough to send his Grand Chancellor, His Excellency Jean-Pierre Mazery, to accept the Award in his name.

Path to Peace is literally living up to its name. In the past we enjoyed the Circle Line as we sailed around Manhattan, and on November 9th we enjoyed the Manhattan skyline at the Sky Club.

We thank all our numerous friends and benefactors and hope to be able to work together in accomplishing the mission of promoting the Gospel values of peace among the family of nations.

Towards the end of the celebration two scholarships were awarded to two students of inner-city high schools in the Archdiocese of New York for their winning essays on peace. The winners were: Ancy Andrews from Cardinal Spellman High School, whose essay was entitled, "Seeds of Peace Into a Garden of Peace," and Justin Marcel Jimenez from Cardinal Hayes High School, whose essay was on "Seeds of Peace: the Flowers of the Future."


As announced in our spring newsletter, we are planning to offer our first seminar on Catholic Social Thought in memory of Pope John Paul II in May 2006. This one week intensive seminar will offer college students a broad perspective of the Church’s teaching on social issues. Approximately 25 students will attend workshops and also be given the opportunity to follow proceedings at the United Nations. The cost to sponsor each student is $500. Anyone wishing to contribute to this program is asked to earmark their donation for this purpose (a response card is included with this newsletter).



A request by a Vietnamese priest, Fr. NguyLn Tân Khoa, was made to the Path to Peace Foundation to improve the sanitation conditions of three villages by installing septic tanks. This will greatly reduce a variety of diseases, especially among children. Fr. Khoa is pastor of the parish of Cân Xây in the Province of Long XuyLn, located in the region of An Giang, a place that Archbishop Migliore knows well due to his visits there on several occasions.

The cost for 248 tanks (one per each family) is $16,000 excluding materials (cement, sand, bricks). The labor will be provided at no cost by the villagers.


Our support of the Canossa Vocational School in East Timor continues. The Path to Peace Foundation pledged to aid the Canossa Sisters with their teachers’ salaries for three years. The last installment will be due in spring 2006. Due to the generosity of friends of the PTP, the Sisters have also been able to establish a kindergarten named "Saint Magdalene of Canossa Kindergarten" in Dili, East Timor.


Nature has wreaked havoc in our nation in the past months with perhaps the most devastating being Hurricane Katrina in Louisiana which left thousands homeless and billions of dollars in damages. In the midst of all the chaos many families have been displaced and children separated from loved ones. To that end, the Path to Peace Foundation has contributed $10,000. to the Diocese of Baton Rouge to assist children who are in need of physical, emotional, and spiritual support to cope with the traumatic events affecting their tender years.

News Brief


This past October marked the fortieth anniversary of Nostra Aetate ("In Our Day"), the declaration on the relation of the Church to non-Christian religions. This document of Vatican II can be considered the definitive one which once and for all reproved any form of persecution against the Jewish people and paved the way to Christian-Jewish dialogue. Earlier this year, with the support of the Permanent Observer Mission of the Holy See, a group of prominent Rabbis and Jewish religious leaders met with the late Pope John Paul II to thank him for all he did to foster open dialogue with Jews.

Recently, Archbishop Migliore intervened in a panel at Park East Synagogue in New York to speak on Nostra Aetate. In his address the Archbishop said: "We need to work with conviction to inform consciences, create a serious reciprocal understanding and inspire faith in one another. Religious people of good will must work to ensure that religion is part of the solution not part of the problem."


In September we welcomed two new interns: Mr. Brian Cullen and Mr. Lukas Swanepoel from the University of St. Thomas in Minneapolis. Brian is a student of political science and will be returning to school for the spring semester. He was assigned to follow the General Assembly at the United Nations and was very assiduous in his work. Mr. Lukas Swanepoel graduated from the University last year and is an attorney. We are happy to announce that he recently passed his bar exam for the state of Minnesota. Lukas will be with the Mission until next summer. We thank the supporters of the PTP who allow us to run this precious program.