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1995 - Brother Roberto Panetto, SDB

Roberto Panetto, SDB, 44, Italian, came to Thailand in 1972. As an expert technician and mechanic he dedicated his life to serving poor youth. When in 1987 the Jesuit Refugee Service invited the Salesians to work among the Cambodian refugees in the refugee camps, Brother Roberto was the first to volunteer.

His superiors entrusted Brother and another Salesian to coordinate this ministry. With the aid of the United Nations and approximately twenty alumni from Salesian schools, they instituted five vocational centers, the first being opened in a Khmer Rouge camp.

The project proved to be quite successful, enabling the refugees, upon their return to Cambodia, to bring with them the spirit of Don Bosco along with their newly acquired skills. There, they serve as instructors, themselves, collaborating and offering their lives for the sake of their fellow brothers and sisters, sharing what they have received from the hands and heart of Brother Roberto.